Become a Mentor


What is a mentor?

 A mentor is a trusted adult friend with a consistent commitment to provide guidance and support to a youth. Mentoring is about being friends, sharing common interests, and being exposed to new interests. 

Why is mentoring important?

 Our future rests on the hopes and dreams of our children and youth. Every child deserves a responsible and concerned adult who will provide guidance and support, help set and accomplish goals, and act as a positive role model. 

What do mentors do?

  •  Help a child discover and develop his or her strengths
  • Be a reliable and dependable friend
  • Listen and offer emotional support to a child in a non-judgmental manner
  • Share relevant experiences from their own life
  • Establish trust and friendship by observing confidentiality
  • Listen to and stand by a child through joys and frustrations

How does it work?


Youth: Youth can be referred by any trusted adult. The child’s parent/guardian will be contacted, and if they give consent, they are sent an application, which includes family information/history, an interest survey and a home visit. Once approved, the child is put on a waiting list. Some children get matched quickly, while others may wait for several months until the right match is found.

Mentors: Volunteers mentors come to us from many different ways - churches, friends, advertisement, etc.  All volunteers complete an application with four character references, a criminal background check, an in-depth interview with staff. Once approved, volunteers attend an orientation that includes mentor training. Mentors then work with the Family Support Coordinator to find a suitable match.  

The Commitment: Once a match is found, the time commitment is a minimum of 2 hours per month for one year. After the first year, there is a formal evaluation, with the potential to start an additional year together.  In addition to individuals applying to be a mentor, couples or entire families can mentor a child together. 

How to Become a Mentor


1. Find out more about being a mentor by calling our office or emailing our Mentoring Program Coordinator ->

2. Fill out an application. All of our prospective mentors are required to complete and sign an application. Applications are available at our location in Spooner, WI, or can be requested in PDF format via email.

3. Participate in our screening process. Including criminal background check and reference checks. Child Safety is our number one priority. We take the screening process very seriously.

4. Schedule an Interview. Once we receive your application form, we begin the screening process. Once completed, will be contacting you to schedule an in-home interview. This interview is an opportunity for our staff to get to know you better, which assists us in the matching process. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss the type of child you would like to mentor.

5. The Fun Begins: Once the application and screening process is complete, and you have been accepted as a mentor, our staff will contact you with information about children with similar interests and expectations. When a child is chosen, a meeting date is set for you, the parent of the child and Lakeland staff to discuss the best way to fill your new mentee's needs. A match date is then set. After the match is made, staff will have ongoing contact with the child and parent/guardian as well as the mentor. Both parties are encouraged to call the office if any concerns arise during the course of the relationship.

Volunteer Mentor Job Description (pdf)


Mentoring Brochure (pdf)


Mentor Eligibility (pdf)


Mentor Application (pdf)


Background Check Form (pdf)