Refer a child


Who can refer a child?

 Parents, social workers, teachers, school counselors, and other organizations

can refer children to Lakeland for mentoring.

Lakeland asks that you contact the parent(s) for approval of referral.

Who can participate in mentoring?

  • Child must be between the ages of 5 and 14
  • Child must reside in Washburn County, WI
  • Child must WANT to participate in the program
  • Child cannot demonstrate behavior that would be harmful to others
  • Child must have needs that are appropriate for volunteer intervention

Please contact Lakeland Family Resource Center at 715-635-4669 for more information on the program and criteria for enrollment!

How does mentoring work?

 Youth: Youth can be referred by any trusted adult. The child’s parent/guardian will be contacted, and if they give consent, they are sent an application, which includes family information/history, an interest survey and a home visit. Once approved, the child is put on a waiting list. Some children get matched quickly, while others may wait for several months until the right match is found.

The Commitment: Once a match is found, the time commitment is a minimum of 2 hours per month for one year. After the first year, there is a formal evaluation, with the potential to start an additional year together. 

How to refer a child


1. Find out more about referring a child by calling our office or emailing our Mentoring Program Coordinator ->

2. Fill out a referral form. Referral forms may be filled out by any trusted adult. Parent/Guardian should be contacted before referring a child. The child and Parent/Guardian will be contacted to determine interest and to send an application.

3. Participate in our application process. Application includes our Eligibility Criteria. We are looking for youth facing challenges in their lives that can be overcome with the help of a mentor.


4. Schedule an Interview. Once we receive your application form, we begin the screening process. Once completed, will be contacting you to schedule an in-home interview. This interview is an opportunity for our staff to get to know you better, which assists us in the matching process. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss what you expect to get out of the mentoring relationship.

5. The Fun Begins: Once the application and screening process is complete, our staff will contact you with information about mentors who would make a good potential match. When a Parent/Guardian and child agree to meet a potential mentor, a meeting date is set for the child, the Parent/Guardian, the potential mentor, and Lakeland staff. If it seems suitable, a match date is then set. After the match is made, staff will have ongoing contact with the child and parent/guardian as well as the mentor. Both parties are encouraged to call the office if any concerns arise during the course of the relationship.


Child Referral Form (pdf)